SXV (road)

  • Michelin Pilot Power 2CT
  • Pirelli Supercorsa Pro SC1

SXV (dual sport)

  • Pirelli Scorpion Sync
  • Dunlop D616
  • Pirelli MT60R

RXV (trail)

  • Maxxis Desert IT
  • Dunlop 739
  • Continental TKC-80

A stock sized 140 rear tire provides much better traction than the more common 110/100-18. A wider sized 80/100-21 front tire (stock is 90/90-21) reduces slip-out.

RXV (sand)


Paddle Tires

  • Rear: Kings Tire KT-977 Turbo Paddle Size 110/100-18. Fins between paddles provide side-to-side stability. The Aprilia will easily spin this tire (you really could use more than eight paddles), but nevertheless, it is very cheap and performs satisfactorily.
  • Front: Kings Tire KT-921 Size 80/100-21. It is rare to use a sand-specific front tire; a knobby in the front is nearly universal. One reviewer (here) advises this ribbed tire provides too much feedback and can veer easily. A great front tire for sand is the Dunlop 773 (see below).
  • Skat-Trak custom manufactures paddle tires with up to 24 paddles for even better traction than off-the-shelf tires. They have some varied and interesting models available from basic to aggressive hill-climbing.
77_1_closeup.jpg 77_2_closeup.jpg

Knobby Tires (for sand)

  • Any aggressive knobby will get you around the sand. However, the Dunlop 773 is a top performer! The 773 rear tire has wide paddle-like knobs, while the front has knobs sticking out sideways that help for cornering. It will wear and chunk apart on rocks and hard surfaces, however.

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