Please give an account of your experience with dealers you'd recommend!


  • AF1 Racing, New Braunfels, TX
    • They know their stuff, have tons of parts, and have great customer service (nice forum, too)! - altaic@ApriliaForum
  • Spectrum Motorsports, Irvine, CA
    • Spectrum has been outstanding. - smstroben@ApriliaForum
  • GP Motorcycles, San Diego, CA
    • GP in San Diego has been [outstanding] as well! - smstroben@ApriliaForum
  • Scootopia, Louisville, KT
    • Great place, Great Service, Ask for Jason or James…!! - TLR67@ApriliaForum
  • Interstate Cycle, Cornelius, NC
    • Top notch service. They have my 550 running like a top. - AaronADV@ApriliaForum
  • Seacoast Sport Cycle, Derry, NH
    • Seacoast is a great dealership. Charles is a pretty cool guy, and a fast roadracer too. - PCMRacing@ApriliaForum
  • Moto International, Seattle, WA
    • They service my bike properly with fair pricing. - Maxacceleration@ApriliaForum
  • Euro Cycles, Lafayette, LA
    • As much as I LOVE this bike, I was not willing to live with the off / instant 1/2 throttle of the SXV. But now the problem is fixed … Thanks Art at Euro Cycles in Lafayette LA for working so late on my bike. - tomroche@ApriliaForum
  • Xtreme Power Sports, McHenry, MD
  • Martin Eurosports, Coopersburg, PA
    • I live on the Upper West Side of the City and gladly drive to PA to Martin Eurosport - Bill Himmelsbach is someone I trust to wrench on my bikes. - hank@ApriliaForum


  • Corsa Italiana, London
    • Great selection of parts/accessories not available in the US. - altaic@ApriliaForum
  • Aprilia Lincoln, Lincoln
    • Aprilia Lincoln..speak to Danny ;) - Gix@ApriliaForum
    • Danny will sort it out set it up and stand by his product - shanes@ApriliaForum
    • Bike was set up great, and Danny is a top bloke. - MitchMan@ApriliaForum
    • After 9 months of starting problems, which my dealer don't fix and charged me for, Danny sorted out the setup in 10 mins. - teej710@ApriliaForum


  • Star Twin Motors, Loenen
    • They have fixed my bike what 3 other dealers fail to do! It has ended 7 monthes of puur motorbike hell. The bike is runnen better than ever! - knor 10.004@ApriliaForum

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