Brakes, Steering, and Suspension


Check Bearings and Re-Torque Axles

Sometimes the axles on these bikes come very over-torqued and crush the wheel bearings. If it's very difficult to remove the axles or if your wheel bearings squeak, you should check that you can move the wheel bearings with your fingers. You may be able to loosen the bearings by pulling them out slightly, but if not you'll need to replace them. Re-torque the axles according to the fastener torque values.


Triple Clamps

  • Xtrig Triple Clamps (adjustable handlebar offset, vibration damped)

Steering Dampers

  • GPR (damps both away and towards straight)
  • Scotts (only damps away from straight)


  • SXV
    • Sachs Factory Suspension Kit (internals)
    • Öhlins FG 561 Supermotard Front Fork
  • RXV
    • Marzocchi Shiver USD Ø45 Factory Works Fork
    • Öhlins 48MXF Motocross Front Fork


  • SXV
    • Sachs Factory Suspension Kit (internals)
    • Öhlins (custom)


  • Rekluse e-Axle (an axle that can modify fork offset which changes trail)

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