Body and Electrical


Un-Auto Kickstand

Bothered by the kickstand snapping up when you touch your bike? Grind off the pin that the little black pivot hits, and the kickstand will no longer auto-retract on you. Just don't forget to raise it before you ride off.

Proper Battery Lead Routing

The tech who set your bike up may have done a poor job of routing the battery leads which can interfere with lifting the tank. They should look like this:


Proper Horn Wire Routing

If the wires to your horn are in tension due to the tube that runs near it, reroute it like so:


Reinforce Turning Indicators

The stem of the turning indicators on these bikes are fragile, and you should be proud of yourself if you haven't broken one yet (yeah, I know— you just got your bike, right?). If you broke one or otherwise as a precaution, you can reinforce it with a small screw like so:


Aesthetic Products

Tail Tidy

Turn Indicators

Protection Products

Hand Guards

Hand Guard Mounts

Axle Sliders

Peg Sliders

Skid Plate

Radiator Guards

Note: Pics courtesy of SLORider and other members of ApriliaForum.

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