Proper Oil Change Procedure

Gearbox Oil

  1. Measure out 525cc of fresh gear oil.
  2. Ensure bike is upright on a level surface.
  3. Drain the gearbox and tighten drain plug when done.
  4. Refill (oil should be just visible through peep hole).

Engine Oil

  1. Measure out 1250cc of fresh engine oil.
  2. Ensure bike is upright on a level surface.
  3. Drain both the oil reservoir and engine sump and tighten drain plugs when done.
  4. There is a small amount of oil above the Flow Control Valve (FCV) that you may want to drain as well, but it's less important than the other two drain locations. The FCV screw is 19mm, located on the bottom of the engine in front of the brake pedal. You'll see allen two set screws above it (don't touch those; they're an artifact of the engine manufacturing process). Above the 19mm screw, there is a spring and above that finally the FCV piston. The piston is threaded on the bottom, so if it doesn't come out by itself, you can stick the spring up there (or an allen key or something) and pull it down. After the oil has finished draining, replace the assembly (the spring fits inside the piston and the screw) and tighten.
  5. Lay bike on its side, oil filter cavity up.
  6. Remove oil filter cover, filter and spring.
  7. Pour 50-100cc oil into the oil filter cavity.
  8. Insert oil filter, including the spring, and replace cover.
  9. Set bike upright.
  10. Refill with the remainder of the 1250cc of oil.
  11. Start bike and allow it to completely warm.
  12. With the bike still running, ensure oil level in the sight tube is just above the min mark (5mm); add or drain oil from reservoir as necessary.

Note: When you have the oil filter out, you may find it convenient to bend the end of the oil filter spring so it sticks inside the filter without falling out.
Note #2: If you removed the FCV piston, while it's out you may want to check it for scoring, an indicator that it may be sticking. People have had success buffing it to round the edges a bit.

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