Known Issues

Note: These are common issues, some of which have been remedied by tech. bulletins. Important ones are highlighted in red!

Symptoms Possible Cause Resolution
Factory Fault
low engine oil,
high gearbox oil, and
oil in airbox
a bad oil pump seal allows engine oil to be pumped into the gearbox and then into the airbox replace oil pump seal
engine shreds itself insufficiently secured stator bolts loctite and torque all six bolts securing the stator
starter fries loctited/sticky decompression valves replace decompression valves/springs and replace starter
starter fries old starter gear ratio replace starter gears with the new ratio gears and replace starter
misfires while starting, and
hard starting
the software firing procedure allows the engine to misfire at start upgrade ECU software to most recent version
Technition Fault
poor performance,
hard starting, or
engine surging
these bikes are pretty new to the market, and a lot of dealers are incompetent at setting up and tuning them find a better dealer nurse assistant education guide - cna classes online
grinding/creaking noises from rear wheel rear axle was overtightened replace rear wheel bearings and tighten axle with proper torque
backfires blown exhaust gasket (they are very thin and sometimes overtightened) and possibly bent flange plate replace exhaust gasket preferably with a thicker one and flatten flange plate
oil in airbox overfilling oil drain oil from airbox and change oil according to the proper oil change procedure
Operator Fault
starter fries overheating starter by holding button too long (more than 6 seconds) replace starter

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